ESPAISUCRE restores the restaurant-style dessert as an element with its own personality and codes, where the result of combining technique and experience shades away the limits that separate the notion of sweet and savory elements.

The pedagogical and didactical vocation of the duo Butrón-Saguer lead them to creating a school of desserts, since they consider it an essential tool to achieve a specific training in the field of restaurant-style pastry.
Courses are addressed to those who conceive pastry as something more than a mere mathematical and precise combination of ingredients. Its knowledge is based on 3 mainstays:

- Knowing the raw material
- Knowing the traditional and state-of-the-art techniques
- Achieving the necessary judgment to manage all the information

This team conceives pastry as a permanent training either technically or gustatorily, always according to an innovative attitude, but at the same time to respect towards tradition understood as an indispensable ingredient of progress.
Together with the professional team they train and make possible this project, ESPAISUCRE develops a service of demonstrations and consultancy in Spain as well as abroad. A previous exhaustive analysis of each client’s circumstances provides  ESPAISUCRE the necessary information to guarantee an exclusive and personalized work.

Espaisucre reserve the right to cancel any course provided that is not reached a mínimum number of students provided by the school, returning the full amount of the same.