In 2000 ESPAISUCRE was a PIONEER opening THE FIRST DESSERTS RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD, being the model followed by the rest of the dessert restaurants that have been born all over the world.

EspaiESSENCE is the natural evolution of this revolutionary concept. To do so, we have come up a unique experience, in the surprising and pedagogical environment of the ESPAISUCRE ESPAISUCRE school library, where we want to thoroughly explain and dissect THE FLAVOUR.

ESPAISUCRE eis a pastry school, so, education is in our DNA, because of that, in espaiESSENCE you will enjoy a double LEISURE and FORMATIVE experience, where, we want attendees enjoy and have fun with an experience that will last in their memory.

The gift voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase


ESPAISUCRE sdesserts are best expressed in a group, as a tasting menu, and as in the salty world, their order is marked by an intention from less to more in terms of lightness and texture.

We offer you a surprise MENU:

3 salty tapas
+ 5 desserts
3 sweet tapas

The menus always have a topic that varies during the year, in this case you can enjoy the CHOCOADDICT-VALRHONA menu where chocolate is the thread of the entire menu.

Chocolate has traditionally always been “the bad guy of the class” that nullified the rest of the ingredients that accompanied it. In the CHOCOADDICT-VALRHONA menu we say no to tyrant chocolate and yes to associative and friendly chocolate that complements and makes better the rest of his partner travelers.


Those who achieve one of the 12 places that espaiESSENCE offers only on FRIDAY at 9:00 p.m. and SATURDAY in double shift at 1:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.​, will enjoy a surprising and greedy taste combinations. At the same time, you will also understand the reason for everything you eat, thanks to the support of audiovisuals and a “tablet” as a guide or complement to support and satisfy your curiosity about the origin and evolution of the ideas that underlie each dessert.

Give away espaiESSENCE

Give away espaiESSENCE where your loved ones will enjoy a unique and special experience that will last in their memory.